This isn’t just another token

BeastDoge is set to change the DeFi world! Our ecosystem will provide not only a performant investment, but an entire suite of DeFi solutions and entertainment.


You want crypto?

You need the Beast!

BeastDoge is the one and only cryptocurrency beast set to take your investment to the moon!


Hold $TBDT and be rewarded hourly. BeastDoge provides hourly BNB rewards right to your wallet. No need to claim, BeastDoge automatically gives you your gains!

Beast Ecosystem

An entire DeFi ecosystem powered by the Beast!

» BeastLaunch
» BeastWallet
» BeastGaming



Join the BeastDoge Community on Telegram, where we chat all things BeastDoge, Fighting and of course cenetralized finance and crypto!


What drives the beast? Binance Smart Chain of course.

BeastDoge ($TBDT)



Contract Address:

Transaction Fees:


5% of each transaction will be automatically applied to our BeastRewards.

Token holders automatically receive BNB rewards. They are distributed hourly or when available as part of the smart contract.

Our BeastDoge ecosystem will also provide funding directly to BeastRewards to further power up your rewards!



Feed The Beast

To ensure stability of the token, 5% of each transaction is allocated to our stability system.

Our smart contract automatically repurchases and burns tokens strategically. This provides stability by reducing circulating supply and avoiding slumps in the market. It also adds to BeastRewards as it works! The buyback can also be switched to manual to enable rapid response to changing market conditions.


Beast Fighters Purse

We believe in giving back. Gains are great, and we certainly want those, but lets share our wins with the world!

We know many fighters struggle to make ends meet, especially if injured. Not all make it to the highs of the fighters we see on TV and the internet.

5% is set aside to support fighters and continue develop and market the token ecosystem.


The BeastDoge team believes in giving back. Gains are great, and we certainly want those, but let’s share our wins with the world!

We know many fighters struggle to make ends meet, especially if injured. Not all make it to the highs of those we see on TV.

We have allocated a percentage from fees for our Fighter’s Purse. The purpose of this is to help give back to the fighting community. This will be done in consultation with our holders. Ideas such as helping injured fighters, assisting to help get kids into the gym, training camps for underprivileged and wherever our community deems best.

We will work with fighters as part of our marketing plan to also identify how we can best use the Fighter’s Purse around the world.

Our Team

We have an experienced team behind BeastDoge.

Niall O'Brien

Niall O'Brien

BeastDoge PR Lead

A former full time stock market trader, Niall made the move to crypto in 2019 and has not looked back. He brings a wealth of experience to the project team.



BeastDoge Dev Team

Cameron has degrees in both Business Administration and Project Management, but his real passion in crypto.

With over 5 years experience in the crypto space, he is excited to share BeastDoge with the world.

Cameron’s goal with BeastDoge is to make an entire ecosystem that powers our BeastRewards, rather than just another token.

German Rodriguez

German Rodriguez

Graphics and Core Admin

German’s background in IT as well as photo and video editing allow him to provide the much needed visual artifacts that successful platforms need. He believes in the power of the BeastDoge ecosystem and what it can do post launch!


Our journey is your journey.

July 2021

» Team formation

» Fundraising and token benefits workshop with our ambassadors

» Communication channels established

» Marketing and launch planning



August 2021

» Series of AMAs supported by our ambassadors

» dApp phase 1 complete

» Initial marketing

» Token audit complete




September 2021

» Marketing Boost with our ambassadors and influencers

» BeastDoge launch

» CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Trust Wallet asset registration

» BeastFighters Purse fundraising established


Q4 2021

» BeastDoge ecosystem development beta opens

» BeastLaunch available for other project’s DeFi launch.

» BeastDoge game beta and through to launch

» Some very big news from our celebrity ambassador. It will be massive!

The Future

» BeastDoge ecosystem expansion

» BeastLaunch v2

» Expand BeastGame offerings to drive more BeastRewards

» So much more exciting items planned for your journey. Join us on Telegram to find out more!

BeastDoge Ecosystem

Coffee Bean


BeastDoge will be introducing its very own DeFi launch platform, BeastLaunch.

We plan to open BeastLaunch to other DeFi projects with proceeds fueling BeastDoge rewards for holders. When another token launches, holders of TBDT reap the rewards!

This will form the beginning of the BeastDoge ecosystem.

Coffee Bean

BeastDoge DAPP

Our BeastDoge dApp which will provide core management of your BeastDoge holdings including the ability to control your rewards and reinvestment settings.

Building upon the dApp will be our first priorty to provide further functionality to the holders of BeastDoge Token.

Coffee Bean


Next step in our ecosystem is token enabled gaming. BeastDoge, the Game wil be first off the rack in 2D. 

BeastDoge Token holders will be able to enjoy online gaming, including token staking in game which provides the opportunity to earn competitive rewards.

We will be opening up for beta post launch.


The BeastDoge Token ($TBDT) is powered by the Binance Smart Chain. 

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